~Best Video Marketing Software~Easy Sketch Pro~V3 is out.

http://tiny.cc/ESP3 PLEASE NOTE: I’ve changed the review link above to Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 because version 2.0 is no longer available in light of the updated version.I’m genuinely impressed with Easy Sketch Pro 2.0. In my video above, I was using this software for the very first time and it was very intuitive. It definitely gets a perfect score in the “newbie friendly” category.I didn’t have to look around to find any feature. The interface is not overwhelming at all which is very impressive because before this software came out, not many people had the ability and resources to create whiteboard animation videos.Video advertisements convert better than any other form of advertisement and in the past two years, whiteboard animation videos have been extremely hot because they convert better than anything else. That’s why a lot of business owners spend up to $1000 for a single whiteboard animation video. Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 is incredibly cheap and gives you the ability to create as many whiteboard animations as you would like.Think of the possibilities… whiteboard animations to promote affiliate offers (this is what I’m going to start doing!), whiteboard animations for your offline clients, whiteboard animations to sell on Fiverr, SEO Clerks, or perhaps offer freelancing services.http://videocashconsole.com/video/198…


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